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Tiny House Colorado

How A Tiny House Colorado Fits into Such a Wonderful Community

The tiny house Colorado area in Durango is a place like no other. When a person sees how easy it is to live and meet the people at one of the community events, they will rush to buy one. Island Cove Park has lots of community events. Many people who live in a tiny house Colorado accumulate many things over time. This is why we have a Spring and Fall Community Yard Sale, where everyone can enjoy buying and selling from one another. Those who live in a tiny house Colorado can make more space inside while earning a few extra dollars with a yard sale. The people there love it as they get to meet everyone who lives in the community as neighbors. Everyone can enjoy many other events like the Holiday Light Contest, Summer Ice Cream Socials, and coming soon is the Community Fire Pit. With the Wintertime coming up, hot cocoa and friends can be a heartwarming event.

Durango Colorado tiny home is a magical place. The houses are small, but the hearts are big. Durango is a town where a community is made up of the people in Island Cove Park. Anyone who needs something can go into Durango and find ice cream, grilling items, a school, and anything needed at the local shopping areas is a few steps away. Those who enjoy bike rides or short drives will enjoy the shopping and community of Durango. Many parents find themselves walking their kids to school as Durango Colorado tiny home has brought families closer together. People can also find restaurants, a farmers market, grocery store, Chapman Hill and Community Center, Art, and Galleries. Those who want to take a bus or trolley have a bus/trolley stop where people can take a bus anywhere. Most of everything is about an eight to ten-minute walk from Island Cove Park.

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