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Durango Tiny Home Living
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Island Cove Living Options

You can live smaller in so many ways at Island Cove -- mobile homes, tiny homes, apartments or container homes. Affordable Durango riverfront property is within reach! Also take a look at our Island Cove Site Plan to whet your whistle.

Click here to view inspiring tiny home videos about your neighbors, their tiny home construction, and tiny home living.

tiny homes
Tiny Mountain Homes

tiny homes

We have 15 spaces in the park that are designated specifically for tiny homes. Artists, musicians, graphic designers, teachers, builders, world travelers, single parents, families, all have found their little piece of paradise here! We have many smaller sites that lend themselves to your alternative tiny home life. Living tiny can even include a yurt, teepee, converted box car or vintage travel trailer so get creative and bring your ideas to us. If you haven’t built your tiny home yet, check out Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses and they will be happy to guide you through this creative process. 

Mobile Home Living

mobile homes

We have 55 single-wide mobile home sites and half of the home sites are located right along the river’s edge. Many of our residents have traded in for a simpler lifestyle with no mortgage and minimal expenses.

mobile homes
container homes
Container Homes

container homes

We’ve recently added a used 8' x 40' High Cube shipping container into a 320 square foot modern one bedroom home. Designed by Dan Cancilla at, this as well as vintage travel trailers are available for rent at Island Cove. Enjoy alternative affordable living in a tasteful, funky fashion!

Durango Affordable Mountain Apartments


We offer five apartments, four of which are housed in a turn of the century antique log cabin full of character, and just steps away from the Animas River.

island cove site plan

Island Cove Site Plan
Island Cove Mobile and Tiny Home Site Plan Map

tiny home video inspiration

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