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Mobile Home Community

A Mobile Home Community for the Thrill

Island Cove Park offers apartments Durango. There are five apartments available. Four of the five are designed as antique log cabins. They are located a few feet away from Animas River. These apartments make a person feel like they are living in the Old West days with the look. There is an authentic feeling that overcomes a person when seeing these apartments Durango. People find all these sites captivating, and it makes a person feel like they are living off the grid even though everything is up to date with the technology available. It is the feeling that brings a person peace when they see how Island Cove Park is set up, and people start dreaming they want to live among the fine community and scenery. For the information on the apartments, every tenant has a one year lease, so if anyone wants an apartment, they must check with the park management.

Island Cove mobile home community has all the spaces needed with a one-year lease required. All of the necessary amenities are available for all residents. These are the listed amenities:

  • Storage located on-site

  • Laundry coin-operated

  • River trail access

  • Snow removal/ trash removal and recycling on sites

  • Park manager on site

  • Lawn care services

  • Trolly stop at the entrance


With a mobile home community like what we have available is second to none. Everyone feels like they are in their little world with the kindest people anyone will ever meet. The rent of the property is affordable for what everyone gets, and it is important to know, Island Cove Park does not supply the mobile homes. Each individual is responsible for getting their mobile homes and moving it to the lot. No doublewides.

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