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Affordable Homes

The Cost of Living in Affordable Homes in a Tiny Home Community

Tiny homes are affordable homes. The price of most homes goes by the square footage. Since the house is small, the price ranges anywhere from $6K to $15K. Some may go a little higher depending on the add ons. Having affordable homes makes it easy for those who love to keep their money for other things such as saving for a rainy day, traveling, or other things that interest a person. It is excellent for those who live on a fixed income and may be retired, or choose not to chase the dollar bill with long working hours. The people who live in the community know firsthand the meaning of life as it is all around them. It is almost like a spirit that engulfs the community, and everyone is so kind and peaceful. When people have all they need and live a simple life, there is very little room for want. Affordable homes equal less stress with no high mortgage or electric bills.

Island Cove has a culture where it makes up a tiny home community. Everyone thinks alike, and there is much to do for the residents who live there. Once again, having much to do in a tiny home community leaves little for couch potatoes, but even they are happy. The community is considered a paradise. There are boardwalks over the water, garden plots for people who love to grow their food, community gatherings where everyone can mingle and enjoy themselves, and different amenities in Durango people can enjoy as well. There is a natural beauty that man made creations cannot touch. The tiny home community has its own two-acre island that is on the Animas River. Nature walks are everywhere to enjoy checking out the wildlife or relaxing on the wooden benches available while the kayakers pass by in the river.

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